Wedding Planners

A dream wedding is on the cards with Ideal Events. Discover dazzling ambiance, mellifluous music, majestic service, state-of-the-art photography and sumptuous delicacies holding your guests in raptures. So, true to the saying you can be ready for a marriage made in heaven with Ideal.

Birthday Celebrations

A moment in time that gives us the reason to look ahead in life… An occasion that reminds us the very essence of life i.e., to grow and blossom to into the finest beings… A day that inspires us to celebrate the divine gift of life… It’s Birthday.

Corporate Events

We at Ideal Events are endowed with the competence to cater to an extensive array of corporate events. By placing client satisfaction and creative enterprise at the heart of our endeavours, we aspire to set standards in corporate event management.

Photography & Video

We at Ideal Events make every moment of an occasion so enjoyable that one would want to relive them very often. The reason why, we have a dedicated photography team with proven flair for capturing those priceless moments to the finest detail. Armed with the most sophisticated cameras and equipment, the team gifts you a huge treasure of wonderful moments to rejoice for a lifetime.

Catering Services

With Ideal Events’ catering services at your disposal you bring home hospitality that compares to the best hotels of the country. We have a proven track record of dishing out the finest national and international cuisines ranging from Indian, Continental, Chinese and Thai etc. to suit our customers’ palate.

Entertainment Shows

Backed by a team with experience of executing various live musical, dance, cultural and entertainment shows, Ideal Events is all set to dazzle the realm of stage entertainment. With a deep insight into the workings of stage construction & décor, sophisticated lights and sound equipment, pyrotechnics and fireworks etc., our team marvels at unleashing world class entertainment.

Tours & Travels

Gear up for a holiday of a lifetime. Make every moment of such abandon count. Choose to go on a holy pilgrimage to discover your spiritual self. Or on a holiday spree, to live your wildest dreams…Be it a national or an international destination… We are here to ensure that your hard-earned break from the monotony of life is well served with joy, pleasure and excitement like never before.